Regular Hey Dude cast members

The regular cast members of Hey Dude are the actors and actresses portraying the main characters of the TV series. They are indicated in the credits during the intro of each episode.


Image Actor/Actress Character Remarks
David Brisbin-01
David Brisbin Benjamin Ernst, Sr.
Placeholder Kelly Brown Bradley Taylor Brown did not continue acting after Hey Dude.
Geoffrey-Coy-01 Geoffrey Coy Kyle Chandler Coy did not continue acting after Hey Dude, but graduated in Business Administration. He is now a sales director.
Placeholder Jonathan Galkin Jake Decker Galkin only acted in "Way Cool" a short-lived weekly series for pre-teens after Hey Dude.
Placeholder Debrah Kalman Lucy Kalman did not continue acting after Hey Dude.
David Lascher Ted McGriff
Christine Taylor-01
Christine Taylor Melody Hanson
Joe Torres Danny Lightfoot Torres did not continue acting after Hey Dude. His current whereabaouts are unknown.
Placeholder Josh Tygiel Benjamin Ernst, Jr. Tygiel did not continue acting after Hey Dude.


David Lascher and Joe Torres were nominated for the Young Artist Awards 1991 in the category Best Youth Variety or Game Show.[1]



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