The second season of the Hey Dude TV series began airing on October 13, 1989, on the Nickelodeon television network, and concluded its initial airing on January 26, 1990 with 13 episodes.


Season 2 started airing directly after the end of season 1 without a break. Among others, the season includes a plane crash, ghost stories, romantic turmoil, a treasure hunt and at the end an alien sighting.


In season 2, the same seven main characters as in season 1 appeared. They were portrayed by the following regular cast members:

Buddy's pet dog Cassie was no longer present in season 2.


The following lists introduces the individual episodes of season 2 with a short summary. For details such as the writer(s) and director(s) of the episodes and their original air date on Nickelodeon see "Episodes".

No. Image Title Summary
14 2x01 2x01 Loose Lips Dust flies at The Bar None when Ted and Melody inadvertently tell Brad and Danny's most embarrassing secrets.
15 2x02 2x02 Battle of a Hundred Bucks A generous guest leaves a generous tip $100. The only problem is no one knows which "two helpful staff members" it's for. Lucy declares a contest to decide who's the most worthy.
16 2x03 2x03 Our Little Champion Melody's swimming ability is called Olympic quality by a visiting coach. Mr. Ernst and the staff heap pressure on Melody to win and be their "Little Champion".
17 2x04 2x04 Bunkmate Battle Never a dull moment at the Bar None: Danny challenges Ted to go a week without using anything the Indians gave the white man - taco chips, barbecued ribs, soda pop, even the cotton his jeans are made of!
18 2x05 2x05 Crash Landing When a plane crashes at the Bar None, Mr. Ernst, Ted and Buddy rescue the groggy pilot from the wreckage.
19 2x06 2x06 Ghost Stories It's a rainy night at the Bar None and the kids entertain themselves by trying to scare the wits out of each other.
20 2x07 2x07 Teacher's Pest Ted wants to crawl away and hide when his English teacher comes to stay at the Bar None.
21 2x08 2x08 Treasure Teens When Ted finds clues leading to a treasure, he and the other kids turn the Bar None upside down searching for loot.
22 2x09 2x09 Dan the Man Everything's going Danny's way at the Bar None. But when he gets too big for his britches, the results could be embarrassing.
23 2x10 2x10 Superstar When Brad teaches a visiting teen TV idol how to ride, Melody turns into a heartsick fool.
24 2x11 2x11 Bar None Babysitter It's the ultimate babysitting nightmare for Ted, he loses the kid he is babysitting.
25 2x12 2x12 Cowboy Ernst When the kids find out Mr. Ernst is selling the Bar None because he feels he is not a real cowboy, they try to convince him otherwise.
26 2x13 2x13 Take Me to Your Leader The trouble begins when Buddy has a close encounter with what he thinks is a creature from outer space.



Front cover of the Season 2 DVD box

Season 2 was made available for download at the iTunes Store in August 2010.

On January 31, 2012, it was released on DVD by Shout! Factory with the title Hey Dude - Season 2.

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